Clipart Template Young Student – Backpacks


These clipart templates will help you create clipart characters in four standing or walking poses wearing backpacks. One of the poses features a student with his back to the viewer, which would be ideal if you want to create a clipart image of two students in conversation.


DYO Clipart templates are designed so you can create your own unique clipart characters for your own classroom resources or to add to resources to sell at Teachers Pay Teachers and other venues. You will find templates in a variety of styles.

How to Use DYO Clipart Templates

In order to use the templates you will require:

  • A tablet or phone with a stylus (while you don’t absolutely ‘need’ a stylus, however it does make life easier)
  • A drawing app with layers (for example Procreate,  Sketchbook Pro, ClipStudio etc – for more details about different drawing apps see HERE)

You will find tutorials on the site which will help you get started HERE. We have also included a quick start guide in the download file.


DYO Clipart Terms and Conditions

One of the benefits of drawing your own clipart is you don’t need to worry about what you can and can’t do with the finished clipart characters. You can use them in digital and printed resources, you can use them in resources to sell at Teachers Pay Teachers and similar venues.

You will find our full end user license with  terms and conditions HERE.


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