My aim with DYO Clipart is to enable teachers and educators to create the unique clipart they need for their own classroom resources or to use in educational resources to sell at Teachers Pay Teachers or other venues.

You may know me, Kate Pullen, from my Away With The Pixels store at Teachers Pay Teachers where I have been selling clipart since 2011.

DYO Clipart is a move away from my standard clipart and is providing a new and hopefully fun service for people who want to create their own clipart – but can’t draw (or feel they can’t draw!). DYO Clipart templates will feature a range of student base characters which you can trace, tweak and color to create your own unique characters.

I will provide training and support so even the most artistically challenged person can create great looking clipart easily.

About Me 🙂

I live in Spain, with my husband and a household of special need animals (including, of course, Ludvig, our very talkative African Grey parrot).

I am an ESL teacher, and until 2020, have been teaching English to native Spanish speakers.

As well as creating clipart, I create free printable resources in a variety of styles, including planner printables and party printables, which can be found at my site MakeBreaks.com.

I also make educational computer games. My educational numeracy games for preschoolers can be found here – Numboodles, and I teach how to create educational games as well as provide a custom game service which you will find at Edugamery.com.

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