DYO Clipart End User License – Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are pretty straightforward. When you purchase DIY Clipart templates you are granted a license to:

  • Create your own derivative clipart – this means you can use the templates to create your own custom characters and clipart
  • Use the clipart in your resources for classroom use and to sell – this means you can use the templates to create clipart you intend to sell at Teachers Pay Teachers and similar venues
  • Claim copyright over your work – while the template remains the intelectual property of DYO Clipart, the artwork you create is yours and you can claim copyright of this artwork

You are not allowed to:

  • Share or give away DYO Clipart templates in their base form
  • Create your own clipart templates from DYO clipart templates
  • Use the templates to create characters which promote hate or intolerance (unless for educational purposes)

Selling Clipart Made from DYO Clipart Templates

If you want to sell clipart made with DYO Clipart templates – that is sell clipart packs outside of educational resources, you can do so with our reseller license. Please get in touch for more details.