Looking for inspiration for hairstyles for your clipart? These photos from Pixabay will help give you some ideas. Remember that simple is best with clipart as it needs to be seen well at both large and small sizes.

How to Use the Reference Photos

Use these photos as references for hairstyles for your clipart. Try tracing a few first and then as your confidence grows, you’ll be able to draw hair from scratch.

I used the photo in the screenshot below as the reference for this little boy’s hairstyle. I wanted to keep the shape simple, and used the silhouette of the hair in the photo, including a few wayward tufts of hair.

To do this in Procreate (or any similar app), open a new layer to add the photo so you can reference it when you are drawing.

Check out the photos below and see how you can use the in your clipart. If you want to get more inspiration, Pixabay.com has a wide selection of photos to download for free or perhaps open a new board on Pinterest to keep interesting reference photos.

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