There are many good reasons to draw your own clipart. Not least, it allows you to have the perfect clipart for all your educational resources. When you draw your own clipart you can be sure to create characters which are going to best resonate with your class or the age group your resources are designed for.

If you have thought about drawing your own clipart but didn’t know where to start, or you believe you don’t have the drawing skills – check out our workshop to get started!

Here are some of the reasons why drawing your own clipart is a great idea πŸ™‚

Save Time and Money

Drawing your own clipart saves time and money. While clipart from places such as Teachers Pay Teachers provides excellent value for money, the cost does add up. Particularly when you have to buy several sets in order to get the images you require for your resources. When you draw your own clipart you can create just the images you require.

Drawing your own clipart can also save the time spent trawling through Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy looking for clipart, reading and assessing the different terms and conditions before actually buying and downloading the clipart (although, of course, that time may be traded off against the time you spend drawing your clipart).

No Worries Over Terms and Conditions

This is a biggie! As a clipart seller I know how important it is for teachers to be able to access clipart they can use in all resources and that the license is clear and easy to understand. However, over recent years with the advent of digital resources things have got more complicated, and it is not unusual to find some artists and designers with different licenses for digital or print resources – or requiring that the graphics are used or not used in a certain way.

When you draw your own clipart using DYO Clipart templates, you know you can use your clipart in digital, pdf, Boom Card and any other resource, without worry.

Realistic-ish Characters

When you use DYO Clipart templates to create clipart, you will find the people have normal or normal-ish body proportions. This allows you to create clipart with bodies which students will recognize. This is particularly important for clipart which features poses which need to be followed (for example PE), which may be hard with unrealistic body proportions.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from creating a whole host of characters. We’ll show you how you can increase the head size of a character to create a chibi style.

Similar Look and Feel

When you create your own clipart, you will start to develop a style and your clipart will have a common look and feel (or even an uncommon look and feel πŸ˜‰ ). As a teacher, this means your students will have characters they can get to know and related to. As a Teachers Pay Teachers seller, it means your resources become instantly recognizable as YOURS!

Custom Clipart Characters

As a clipart seller, I know I try to be as inclusive as possible with my graphics, but even so, I frequently get requests for a skin tone or character type that I haven’t included. When you draw your own clipart, you can easily create characters which perfectly match your requirements. This also saves time and money as it saves having to contact the clipart artist to enquire whether they offer customization services.

Make Money!

If you are pleased with the clipart you create and want to sell it to other teachers / educators, why not make sets and sell at Teachers Pay Teachers and similar venues. You can do so with our reseller license – please get in touch for more details.

‘But I Can’t Draw’

If you’ve read this far and think that there are a few good reasons to make your own clipart, but are holding back because you can’t draw – give DYO Clipart templates a go. You will need a stylus and tablet to get the most from the templates (you ‘could’ draw with a mouse or finger – but that’s a tad fiddly), and a digital drawing app such as Procreate (iOs, one-off cost) or Sketchbook Pro (iOs, Android, Free). See our list of suitable drawing apps here – best drawing app to make clipart.

Happy clipart making πŸ™‚

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