If you have ever contemplated drawing your own clipart but have been held back because of a belief that you can’t draw, you are not alone!

One of the challenges of drawing clipart for educational use, particularly people, is that the images not only need to look eye catching and engaging, they also need to be illustrative. For example, if you are looking to illustrate posters demonstrating yoga moves, it needs to be immediately obvious to the person viewing the post what the pose is and they should certainly not be peering at the poster wondering whether that’s a hand or foot behind the head!

And this is what throws a lot of people off drawing their own clipart!

Introducing DYO Clipart Templates – The Non-Artist’s Way to Draw Clipart 🙂

This is why we’re launching DYO Clipart templates! One of the most difficult parts of drawing clipart is getting the poses correct and with DYO clipart templates you can use our outlines to draw your base figure – and then add your own finesse with hair, clothes, features etc.

Create Your Own Style

You can use the templates ‘as is’ – which is how the little girl below was created, or change up the features to create a completely different style.

Character created with the standard DYO Clipart template features
Base character created with DYO Clipart template with doodled cartoon features

As you see from the two characters above, a very different look and feel can be gained by changing the features. The little girl has the standard DYO Clipart features whereas the little boy has features which are more cartoon-like which gives him a more whimsical look.

Different Features / Different Look

The four characters below show how small changes can alter the look of characters made with the templates.

By enlarging the head of the character we get a more ‘chibi’ style and drawing simplified features creates a different look and feel to the standard ‘DYO Clipart’ features.

The DYO Clipart template figure without any changes
DYO Clipart template with head increased to ‘chibi’ size
DYO Clipart template character with larger head and simplified features

DYO Clipart template character with larger head and cartoony features

How DYO Clipart Templates Work

In addition to your DYO Clipart template, you will need a tablet (or phone at a push), a stylus and a drawing app.

DYO Clipart templates are outlines which you can trace in a drawing app such as Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Affinity Designer or Photos – or any other of the excellent drawing apps available (if you are new to digital drawing, we have some suggested apps outlined here, both free and paid for – for both Apple iOs and Android Devices).

You can then tweak the character, add hair and then add color – then save the character as a PNG to add to your educational resources.

Do You Want To Give It a Go?

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